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Aug 01

Dreams Part 3: From walking to running

Posted by James Burn on Thursday, August 01, 2013

Last week I wrote about going from crawling to walking and related it to my daughter Joanna. If you want to read my earlier writings you can find them on my website at

Today in Dreams part 3, I talk about going from walking to the running stage and what that means in business and once again I'll use Joanna's experience as an example.  My daughter Joanna became confident about walking and the walking became running especially when she didn't want to miss out being the first to the letterbox to collect the mail.

Joanna's mission in life is the mission we all have: to master any challenge she faces. She does this by becoming confident at anything she puts her mind to.  At an early age she learnt to climb up on a chair and stand high above everything else.

Joanna achieves this by practicing and making mistakes and then applying what the mistakes teach her, and never giving up. She has a support network that enables her to succeed and that is her parents, grand parents, teachers and aunts and uncles.

In business our mission statement could be to deliver excellent service to our customers. This supports the vision of being a world class customer centered business.

One of the objectives might be that we acknowledge and follow up on customer enquiries within a set time period.

But mission statements and objectives are no good unless they are connected to business systems.  The business systems put wings on our dreams.  Business systems are the support network for business that enable a business to crawl, walk and eventually run and fly.  Without any organised business systems in place, the business is likely to fall over, literally and  catastrophically, or become stuck in the crawl stage.

Typically there are at least 4 major systems that keep businesses running: sales, marketing, operations, and finance/admin.

I will look at each of these in the next series on building a successful and profitable business one system at a time.

Thanks for reading