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Aug 07

A tale of two customer experiences

Posted by James Burn on Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I had two customer experiences today that I  would like to share.

My first one concerned a local professional who I will call Mr X. I wrote to Mr X about two weeks ago to answer a simple request about a client who had decided to approach our business for help.

Two weeks later I was still waiting for an answer. I rang him  and basically was told he was busy. So I left a message asking him to contact me. I was annoyed by the lack of response. 

Please Note: As a footnote he did make email contact today and i am happy to say that I got a satisfactory response.

The second customer experience concerns a local Stihl shop I have been dealing with.  I'll never forget the experience and I highly recommend them. Our lawnmower had died and I was dreading having to replace it.

I did a bit of research and found our local Stihl shop owner Fred very knowledgeable about lawnmowers. We talked about size of lawn v size of engine, getting one that my wife could start easily, mulching v catching. Fred said the mulcher lawnmowers were excellent. Fred also took our old dead lawnmower off our hands and $50 off the purchase price of the new one.

fter discussing the options with my wife we settled on a mower that could catch and mulch. My wife was skeptical about the mulching and that our kids would bring the mulched grass back into the house.

Well today I picked up our new lawnmower which came all set up to go with a tank of petrol and oil. The first thing we noticed was the lawnmower powered through the work and took less time to mow the lawns! 

My wife was totally amazed and kept asking me where was all the grass? 
With our old mower we would have had about 3 fadges of grass and this would have cost between $5 and $7 plus the cost of going to the transfer station to dispose.

Which brings me to my point. Being responsive to your customers (or ex customers) is vital to the existence of your business. When your business has no customers you go out of business. 
When you respond to your customers and wow them the result is not only in $$$ in your pocket  but also in hundreds of referrals of excellent customer service and, hey, isn't it nice to give someone a reason to feel good about you!