Our Values


Honesty - Our relationship with you will be open and transparent.

Integrity - We will do what we say we will do.

Quality  & Certainty - We will deliver a quality service on time and at an agreed price.

Can do attitude - We will explore all the options to come up with a solution to meet your business needs and work with you to tackle the challenges that your business faces.

What our Clients Say

James Burn has been our trusted accountant for the past 7 years. He is great at answering any questions relating to business accounts, finances and personal matters, he even brings things to our attention that we might not even be aware of or fully understand. Most importantly we feel James has taken a personal interest in our business, and helps our company save money.
Paul Rudd
Business Manager 
Eastland HiFi

Paul Rudd

We have worked alongside James with our businesses for the past 5 years.  We have found him to be honest, reliable, knowledgeable and committed.  He sees things that I would not consider or think about.  I find he adds depth to our businesses, keeps things realistic, on target, and builds profits, which is what we all want!  Over the years we have built strong foundations within the business & a good relationship with James to be able to achieve our goals.

Debbie Peneha

James Burn and his services were a lucky find!  James has been my accountant since 2001 and I am grateful for such a sincere and understanding service provider.  Previously, accounting used to be a dreaded subject.   I have thoroughly enjoyed working with James and have found him to be very helpful with any questions or concerns I have had.   No fuss , no muss; James has made accounting straightforward and pragmatic...which is just perfect for me.  I would highly recommend James’ services.

Philip Sung